AutoIt Slicing Bot

SWGEmu AutoIt Slicing Bot

Automate slicing in SWGEmu using the Oak Knoll Troll AutoIt Slicing Bot!  This works on weapons and armor.  Save yourself time and effort: estimated 8-9 min and 495 clicks for 40 items.  If you configure it correctly it will slice 40 items at a time perfectly.  

AutoIt Website

Oak Knoll Troll AutoIt Slicing Bot for SWGEmu

Make sure to run the AutoIt Script Editor and Window Capture software in Administrator mode.  

This bot/script comes as is.  I will not help you configure or run this on your own computer.  

Future AutoIt Bot Projects for SWGEmu:
- Crafting 'Clicker' Bot to automate crafting
- Vendor Item Relist Bot to automate your vendor items
- Yellow Text and Locked Container Saving Bot to sort junk while keeping the best items.


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